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100% All Natural Gel Nail Polish Remover

NO MORE HARMFUL Acetone removers. GEL-OFF Express is a remover that does NOT require cotton, foil or scraping. It stays where you put it, does not evaporate and removes gel polish within 5 minutes.


The substance can be absorbed into the body by inhalation and through the skin.

A harmful contamination of the air can be reached rather quickly on evaporation of this substance at 20°C; on spraying or dispersing, however, much faster.

The vapour irritates the eyes and the respiratory tract. The substance may cause effects on the central nervous system , liver , kidneys and gastrointestinal tract .

Repeated or prolonged contact with skin may cause dermatitis. The substance may have effects on the blood and bone marrow .

Introducing GEL-OFF Express

Simply Pure Cosmetics, a producer of non-toxic, 100% natural cosmetics introduces GEL-OFF Express, a healthy alternative to acetone, it's SAFE and allows for ten times as many manicures per gallon. Increases salon productivity and profits.

GEL-OFF Express Application

See GEL-OFF Express in Action!

This video shows the entire application and removal of GEL-OFF Express and polish.

My Clients Love it!

I am loving this new product GEL-OFF Express! MORE IMPORTANTLY,
my clients love it!
Clients appreciate the low odor vs the pungent odor of acetone, and other removers.
It doesn’t evaporate as quick either! Sometimes when soaking off product using acetone, you need to reapply. GEL-OFF Express is unique in that you do not need to reapply or even wrap individually. HUGE TIME SAVER! You only need to remove that top coat layer of gel!

~Marie E Brady~ Master Nail Technician 29yrs

Featured in Nails Magazine!

Game Changing! GEL-OFF Express.

Simply Pure Cosmetics and GEL-OFF Express featured in Nails Magazine this month. Read the the article below: 

What Salon Owners are Saying:

The difference was visible in that the nails were not completely dried out or whitish, or curled under. Nicer on the cuticles as well!

-GREAT as a regular polish remover. Dot it on, 2 min later, wipe it off. (A great polish job takes 5-10 min sometimes to remove!)
-The regular liquid (original GEL-OFF) I discovered is hands down, the best brush cleaner EVER!
I was going to throw away some old brushes (synthetic and sable) and I thought what the heck, and in no time at all, GEL-OFF liquid restored my brushes!!!! RESTORED!!
-Although I am a Nail Tech, I am also an amateur artist, and I am on a cleaning spree with all my brushes!!
-This stuff could be sold at all Hobby Lobby and Michael stores!!

*I must add that in this age where health is prioritized more and more, this product could be a game changer. When clients know there are safer ways do have beautification, they want it, they demand it, and they will pay for it.
Their time and money is as valuable as ours.
The beauty industry is supply and demand!!
I educate my clients. I listen to them. This product is the answer.

Nail Precinct LLC
~Marie E Brady~ 

Master Nail Technician 29yrs / Kansas Licensed Instructor

Introducing GEL-OFF for Home

Get a 5 oz lockable pump bottle of our all natural GEL-OFF. This non-gel formula is ideal for removing polish at home.

Introducing Simply Pure Sunscreen

100% All Natural Mineral based Sunscreen. Water proof and Reef safe. Comes in both SPF 30 and SPF 50

Simply Pure Cosmetics

Simply Pure Cosmetics was founded in 2017 by two chemists who recognized the risks associated with acetone-based gel polish remover. Not only does exposure to acetone cause severe drying of the skin and nails, it also poses health risks to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. Our team dedicated themselves to developing a safe and natural alternative to the industry standard. Our innovative formula is produced from a unique blend of materials found in food additives, such as vinegar and banana oil. Food additives being safe to eat, are of course safe for your skin, nails, and general health. In addition to these significant benefits, GEL-OFF also works in a fraction of the time with minimal odor. While top rated gel removers take up to 20 minutes to remove polish, GEL-OFF works in 10 minutes or less, then off they peel, no scrapping required! With over 40 years of research experience and 14 patents between them, our chemists continue to exceed rising demands for clean, pure cosmetics that are gentle and effective.

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